Innovating processes and products in the tourism sector is a challenge that can no longer be postponed. The BLUTOURSYSTEM ADVICE POINT is NOW open to tourism stakeholders. Here they can find the proper support to interpret tourism trends; the advices and the services necessary to design innovative and sustainable business ecosystem.
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The two Advice Blue Point (ABPs) in Split and Venice are set up as knowledge based tools focal points for fostering innovation processes in a blue economy ecosystem perspective. The ABPs staff have a multi-disciplinary  competence, skills and professional outstanding background  in all related fields of tourism and blue economy.

Public and private tourism sectors stakeholders, DMOs representatives and policy-makers are encouraged to contact the two ABPs in order to enhance their capacity building in tackling blue-economy tourism challenges in a cross-cutting multi-sectorial perspective, in finding ad hoc tailored solutions for their specific tourism destination, providing trouble-shooting solutions scenarios for their specific issues and challenges.

According to the specific needs of the above-mentioned categories, the ABPs may provide advisory services for the development of new competitive spin-off, enable policy-makers to define blue-economy strategies that are turned into effective results, ensuring sound integration and coherence in the wider context of the Blue Tourism sustainable growth framework in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Basin.

ABPs are also at disposal for all the stakeholders, DMOs representatives, policy makers and other relevant actors for ensuring a sound and timely exchange of knowledge, of data information through the Smart Cross Border Data System  (SCBDS) that will enable the implementation of an effective market intelligence that will lead to the improvement of the framework conditions for blue growth and innovation.