Dario Bertocchi is a research fellow at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.  He is trying to understand how the tourist behave in the destinations thanks to the data analysis, ranging from the ones produced in the social networks to those ones available by the telephone-mobile companies. In its doctorate thesis entitled “Data analysis for the management of the tourism’s destination” he introduces some data analysis methods for the customization of the touristic offer, for the study of the flows and for the dynamics intra and infra destination. Attentive to the issues of the touristic sustainability in the environmental, economic and social perspective, he studies bottom-up and top-down solutions in order to mitigate the negative effects of the tourism. He is collaborator of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice for several European projects in the field of tourism and cultural assets. He lives and works in Venice where he confront himself on a daily basis with the touristic phenomena.

Nicola Camatti is assistant professor of Economics of Tourism at the Ca’ Foscari University Venice- Department of Economics. His research interests are tourism business ecosystems, sustainable tourism planning and urban/regional development. He has initiated and managed several EU funded projects of territorial cooperation in the framework of the themes of innovation, tourism and cultural tourism, such as the projects TourMedAssets, Shapetourism and BlutourSystem. He is also among the designers and promoters of the Tourism Observatory of Veneto Region, developing new indicators of tourism performance on a regional scale and platforms in support of the tourism business ecosystems.

Raffaella Lioce. Architect with a long-lasting experience in EU project design and management. Expert in Territorial Marketing and Tourism Design. She supported DMO and tourism private organizations to set up new business ecosystems and to design innovative products exploiting territorial resources and ta into account current trends. She provides also advices to access EU funds and develop transnational partnership in the field of sustainable tourism.

Dr. Ante Mandić is a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Split, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism – Department of Tourism and Economy, Croatia. His research focuses on destination management, nature based tourism and smart tourism. He has been enrolled as a researcher in several EU funded projects including ShapeTourism (INTERREG MEDITERAN programme); BluTour System (INTERREG V-A 2014-2020, Italy - Croatia CBC Programme); CO-Evolve Tourism Sustainability at local scale through Sustainability Index (ERDF 2014-2020, INTERREG MEDITERAN). He is a member of IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group (TAPAS Group, and Europarc Federation .

Dr. Davorka Mikulić is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, University of Split. Her main research interest is in the field of culture heritage management, cultural tourism, destination marketing and economics of travel and tourism. She has published scientific papers in the field of tourism development with special attention to cultural tourism development and destination marketing. She has participated in regional and local projects related to destination development  and marketing planning as well as in several international, EU funded projects.

Slađana Pavlinović Mršić is an assistant professor at University of Split, Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism. Her research interest is in the field of economics and environment. She acted as an expert in projects of economic and social analysis of coastal degradation and obtained experience as a team leader for HORIZON 2020 project on high nature value farming. Apart from giving lectures to students and supervising student theses and service learning projects on sustainable tourism, she also educates other stakeholders, especially community members on the sustainability issues.

Dr. Lidija Petrić is a full professor at the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, University of Split. Apart from her scientific and educational engagement, she participated as either a project manager or/and a researcher in several national and international projects funded by ERDF, UNDP, GEF, WWF, UNEP’s PAP/RAC. She was also involved as a researcher/consultant or project manager in a number of development studies, tourism management and marketing plans as well as cultural site management plans from the local up to the national level. She is a member of the Croatian section of European Regional Scientists Association (ERSA), and the Scientific Committee for Tourism at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.  The main areas of her scientific interest are: economic and developmental effects of tourism, tourist destination management/planning and cultural tourism management.

Dr. Smiljana Pivčević is an Associate Professor of Tourism and Head of Department of Tourism and Economy at Faculty of Economics, University of Split. Her academic work is focused on innovation in tourism and hospitality, tourism development and event tourism. She has published over 20 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, books and conferences. She has worked as a tourism expert and project leader on regional and local projects, destination and site tourism marketing plans as well as several international EU funded projects. Her work has been awarded by Split-Dalmatia County, University of Split and her home institution, Faculty of Economics.

Dr. Ljudevit Pranić joined University of Split's Faculty of Business, Economics and Tourism in 2007. He earned his Ph.D. in Business Administration/Tourism from Temple University in 2008. Dr. Pranić has worked as a consultant on attractions management and hotel marketing and has been involved in several international and local projects. He is highly proficient in both Croatian and English. His primary research interests in tourism involve strategy, human resources, sustainable development, destination management, and operational aspects of hospitality.

Daniele Sferra, Collaborator at the Departments of Economics of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. Expert in international relations, cultural heritage affairs and sustainable tourism development.  He carries out international interdisciplinary cultural cooperation activities related to the valorisation of cultural and environmental heritage sites and tourism sustainable development. He has worked on the preparation and/or implementation of about 40 projects financed by EU programmes or Veneto Region funds focused on practices of management, capacity building and valorisation of cultural and environmental sites, fortified heritage sites, sustainable tourism and thematic routes. He has good knowledge of the Balkans also due to previous assignments in Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania with UNMIK-IOM and OSCE Mission in Kosovo and OSCE –ODIHR.

Dr. Blanka Šimundić is an assistant professor in Economics of tourism, Travel and transport, and in National economics and EU policies at Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, University of Split. The focus of her scientific interest is in the field of tourism demand and tourism policy, economic growth and development, and in regional specialisation and policy.

She is experienced in preparation of strategic plans and development strategies at national and regional/local levels, as well as in cost-benefit analysis of investment projects. As an expert she participated in several national and EU (Horizon 2020) scientific research projects and is a member of Croatian section of ERSA.