Aware that Territorial Blue resources alone don’t represent a valid assumption to make tourism a mean for development, that widespread asymmetric informationcharacterising the tourism sector must be bridged, BLUTOURSYSTEM assists stakeholders to interpret trends and potentials, to identify investment directions, to design joint policies and products, with the aim to advance an actual change in the Cross Border (CB) BLUE tourism.
BLUTOURSYSTEM contributes at improving the frame conditions for the Blue Tourism sustainable growth, coherently with the EU sectoral policies and the EUSAIR Strategy.
Starting from the capitalization of knowledge based tools developed by the MED project Tourmedassets, BLUTOURSYSTEM provides a Quadruple Helix Platforms organized in 2 branches: the ADVICE BLUE POINT(ABP) and the CB LIVING LAB (LL).
The ABP offers advanced services and market intelligence to help decisional process, policies making and investments. The LL is a CB open space for networking, peers learning and training. Both mechanisms are tested during the project, before being established.
Thanks to the involvement of stakeholders, BLUTOURSYSTEM:

  • increases participants’ skills, knowledge and capacities
  • determines a multiplier effect on the tourism sector.

By the end a Cooperation Agreement establishes a CB governance pattern for Blue tourism innovation.

The CBTS are designed on the basis of Tourmedassets studies, that conveys in the Adriatic space new forms of sustainable Creative Tourism based on:

  • enhanced territorial assets, (landscape, cultural heritage, natural resources, Cultural and creative industries and Blue sectors)
  • empowered human capitals
  • eco-innovation
  • business ecosystem approach.

BLUTOURSYSTEMS shows that Cultural and Blue assets should be included in a much more complex Business Ecosystem, to provide actual tourism advancement and economic sustainable growth; but to avoid the risk of commodification of CB Blue resources, BLUTOURSYTEM helps operators to network, to take aware decision, to adopt environmental friendly solutions and eco-innovative technologies, to conjunct cultural events, creative experiences, high quality hospitality and transport services; in this way the project demonstrates that those choices lead to a real Sustainable Competitive Advantage for the CB area. Acknowledging that complexity of trying to be competitive makes sense when several businesses have a common goal, BluTourSystem stimulates Business Ecosystems approach to tourism. The quadruple helix platform entails enterprises, academia, government and civil organizations work together to co-create future drives running territorial changes far beyond of what any single organization could do alone; it offers new market intelligence and an open space for long terms collaboration enabling seamless interaction and match up ideas for blue tourism innovation.